Beginner Course (A0-A1)


For this beginner course, you don’t need to know English at all! It might be that you never had the opportunity to study English at school or maybe it was never so important… but things have changed. Now is the perfect time to learn! Every week we get together for an hour to learn the basics of the language and practice them with our peers through talking, listening, reading, engaging and et voilà! you’re speaking! Come and join us!

About this Course

We all know just how important the English language is on the international scene and yet, there are many who never had the opportunity to learn the language. Here’s how we fix that problem… once a week, a few of us get together to learn to speak English.  Just a small group of people who would like to learn the necessary language skills to communicate in English. Of course, we also learn new vocabulary, improve pronunciation and communicate more effectively with confidence.

This course is specifically aimed at individuals with no prior knowledge of the English language. See the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) levels explained.

Course Details

Course: Beginner Course (A0-A1) Adults
Start Date 2022: Wednesday 17 August 2022
Place: Primary School, Bilten
Pestalozzistrasse 1
8865 Bilten
Week Day: Wednesday
Time: 19H00 – 20H00
Lessons: 1 lesson per week, 60 minutes
Duration: 15 weeks, (ausser Glarner School/Public Holidays)
Total Lessons: 15
Small Group: Max. 4
Course Material: ✺ Student Book
✺ Practice Book
✺ Personalised Folder
✺ Stationery
Total Cost of Course: CHF 525.-   (including Course Material)