private lessons

4 Kids!

Beginner (A0) to Elementary (A2)

There are several advantages to choosing a private tutor and they should not be dismissed. Yes, kids do learn English from 3rd class here in Switzerland, but it’s a known fact that being exposed to a foreign language at an earlier stage, makes for a much better experience later in life. Children do not ‘learn’ the language at four, five or six years old… they absorb it, like a sponge. Children don’t ask ‘why’ a word, phrase or sentence is spoken or written the way it is… they just hear it and use it. This takes the effort of learning the language out of the equation and allows them to experience it, much like a native speaker does.

Advantages of private lessons:

  • One-on-one engagement and learning
  • Customized lessons, aimed specifically at the individual
  • Personalized attention
  • Individual, direct feedback
  • Instant error-correction and explanation
  • Challenging environment
  • Encourages social skills, intellectual independence and increases motivation

Address: Adlerstrasse 10, 8865 Bilten (directly opposite the Bilten Primary School)

Please get in contact with me in order to arrange a date and time that suits us both.

Date & Time: Upon discussion

Cost: CHF40.00 per 50 min lesson

Course Material: For Kindergarden and Primary School kids, I provide all relevant supplies, learning materials, worksheets, craft material, etc. at no extra cost.

Payment: Payment is done against an invoice which is generated at the end of each month and has a payment period of 10 days. In this way, you only pay for the lessons you attend.