☟Private Lessons

Private Lessons:

4 Kids!

Kid holding up "I love English" sign

Beginner (A1) & Elementary (A2)

Kindergarden & Primary School

As every parent knows, children are like sponges and are able to learn at an alarming rate! This is even more true when learning a new language. It is suggested that the best time for learning a foreign language is from a very young age. Early language learning can have a positive influence on children’s cognition, attitude and motivation.

Private Lessons:


Do you speak English?

Beginner (A1) to Advanced (C1)

Tutoring/Exam Preparation

Intensive Learning/Specific Difficulties

We all face challenging situations at different times in our lives, whether it’s at school as learner or while doing higher learning as a student, the desire to succeed very often requires a more focused, one-on-one approach, aimed at the individual and their own learning styles.