Adult Courses ☟

Beginner (A0/A1):


For this course, you don’t need to know English at all! We get together to learn the basics of the language and practice them with our peers through talking, listening, reading, engaging and et voilà! you’re speaking! Come and join us!

Elementary (A2):

Group of people learning English

Once you’ve mastered the basics of the language, it’s time to put all that you’ve learned to good use by practicing speaking. We learn how to make more complicated sentences; get a real feel for the language and prepare for more challenging situations like job interviews, traveling, etc.

Conversational (A1-B1):


Once a week, we get together to practice the English language. It is unfortunate that many people living in the more ‘rural’ parts of Switzerland, have very little opportunity to learn, speak, and practice the language. If you are one of them, come and join us while we create an opportunity to do just that!

Business English (A2-B2):

Adult Courses

English has become the business language all over the world. This course provides the opportunity to learn and practice how to communicate effectively through speaking and writing in a professional way. It is a well-known fact that speech and tone goes a long way when communicating and this is even more true in a business environment.